Friday, October 14, 2011

The third seed

          Three seeds sat safe and warm under the dirt. The first seed was very content on where it was, completely ignoring its potential. The second was filled with curiosity about the world above, but too afraid to do anything about it. And the third was the most terrified of the three, but yet, the most daring.

         The first would shout discouraging remarks at the other two.

         “You’ll get run over up there, you'll never make it.” It would say.

         The second seed would take these comments to heart, and would crumble and sink deeper into the soil. The third would not listen, It could see through the first seed's insecurities and fears. It could see how it was stunting itself, and bringing others down with it. Despite all the thoughts and emotions that the first seed pounded into its mind, it was not going to let these harmful tactics work. 

         He reached and stretched, pushing higher, and taller. Every inch closer to the surface it rose, the harsher the criticism became. The greater the pain got, the harder it was to keep a strong self worth. The second seed would watch the third and yearn so deeply to have its courage. 

         It was almost to the top when the abuse turned almost unbearable. It became physical, stealing its nutrients and water, trying to cut off any avenue of progression so that it had nothing. Nothing to build with, yet it prevailed.

         The light hit the small fragile leaf as it burst out into the open. It had never felt light before, It was an incredible feeling. Now, It could finally breathe like it was supposed to. It stood tall as the other plants congratulated it. Then when the night fell, it wept for the seeds below.

Written By Jason Osmond

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  1. If we are honest with ourselves, most of us will say that we each have been the first two throughout our life. But, in the end of this life, we can only hope that we have growen into the third.